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People do business with who they know, like and trust! Are you looking to Grow Your Business by Networking? Join us for coffee, we meet every Thursday 7:45 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. at the Fairfield Inn & Suites of Brighton.
Kim Smith
Amy Kindland
The Porch
Emily Wilson
FirstLight Home Care
I was born and raised in Colorado and live locally in Brighton with my husband and two kids. I have a passion for the outdoors and can be found running, hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, or boating in my free time/time off. When I'm not playing, I'm working at my company FirstLight Home Care which I opened with my father-in-law in 2014. We provide in home care and assistance to disabled adults, seniors, and veterans. 
Samantha Markey
Shelly George
Evolve Ortho-Bionomy
Chief Wellness Officer
As an Ortho-Bionomist, Bodyworker, and Wellness Coach. I recommend that you have at least 5 healthcare professionals in your healing circle. These are people who help you strive for optimal health. They could be a Doctor, Acupuncturist, a Massage Therapist? These are the top on my list, right after Ortho-Bionomy.
Ortho-Bionomy is a bodywork that encourages our own healing mechanisms. With gentle movements, compression and positional release, we engage the natural healing reflexes within. It is very soothing to the nervous system, which allows for more movement in the fascia and bones, reminding us that we can heal ourselves. With Ortho-Bionomy, we can look at what your lifestyle and your level of self-care to assess the best possible course of action.
Our bodies are self healing machines...they just forget how to do it. 
Which begs the question: How are you feeling???
Venus Howard
Chris Fushimi
A Mattress and More, LLC
I am a 37 yr. resident of Brighton and my family and I still live in Brighton. We still appreciate the home town feel of this community and want to be able to enhance the shopping options for Brighton as well as the surrounding areas. We felt that there was a huge need for convenient and affordable but still high quality bedroom furniture. Call or text for an appointment. We prefer to give our customers a nice, quiet, private shopping experience so they can take their time and really experience the comfort of our mattresses and pillows. We want you to also Sleep Better for a Better Price.
Gretchen Lapham
Michael King
Kari Rau
Colorado Geothermal Drilling
Owner VP
Entrepreneurial schemer, serial chips and queso eater, and always attempting to accomplish the ever challenging work-life balance of World's Okayest Mom and Chief Idea Officer. Small business entrepreneur with wide ranging interests in athletics and sports medicine to green energy and geothermal to real estate and investing. I love learning how others have mastered their crafts and are kicking ass at life.
Cindy Cogan
Heritage Title Company
Senior Escrow Officer

Cindy Cogan is a Licensed Senior Escrow Officer at Heritage Title Company. Her background provides 24 years of experience in escrow, and 10 years of experience in management. She handles multiple types of transactions, such as Commercial, Residential, New Construction, Land Development, Lender, and Investments. Cindy enjoys having a diverse array of business, as it keeps her sharp and always learning something new.
Her clients and colleagues see how caring and hard-working she is on a daily basis, and she puts integrity and customer service before anything else. Her clients know they can trust her, and that if she gives her word that she will do something for them, it will be done.     
One of Cindy’s strongest virtues is always being able to find a solution that satisfies everyone. She always goes above and beyond to meet expectations, and truly cares about her clients and their transactions.

Yadira Silva
Silvas Health and Wellness LLC
I am from Ecuador and I am facinated how CBD extract can help people life. I am bring Medicine and Information.
The human nervous system is made up of billions of nerve cells that serve as a communication network between different parts of the body. The transmissions are made up of chemical and electrical processes that control everything we do, from breathing to motor tasks. The nerve cells that make up this complex system contain receptors that are triggered by only specific key molecules. Two of these receptors, called CB1 and CB2, are keyed to accept a certain type of molecule known as cannabinoids.